What is an implant?

An implant looks like a titanium screw and can be seen as an artificial root, which replaces the root of a lot tooth or mauler.

How is the treatment executed?

The treatment consists of several phases. First we do personal research discuss a possible treatment plan. During the next phase the implants will be put in place. In most cases, after the implant has settled, a second procedure will follow to bring the implant ‘above the gum’. In the last phase ┬áthe construction, for example a bridge, will be made.

Click-on prothesis

When a complete prothesis is no longer able to stay in place and can’t be adjusted to fit, a ‘click-on’ prothesis might be the answer. The costs for such a prothesis are largely eligible for coverage after approval by your insurance company.


The costs of a construction based on implants can strongly vary. Among other things it depends on the dental technician costs, the implant system, and method. The extensiveness of the treatment also has an influence. A large bridge with additional bone reconstruction wil be much more expensive than a single crown on an implant without bone reconstruction. In general a crown on an implant, without additional procedures, will cost between 1600 and 2200 euro. An appointment with one of our implant experts can give a more specified answer.

A bridge prothesis on two implants will cost somewhere between 3000 and 4000 euro, but will largely be covered by your insurance policy. The dentist can provide a suggestion for the coverage with your insurance company. Your own dentist or dental technician can refer you to one of our implant experts.