First visit

We recommend bringing your child to a dentist for the first time from the age of two. This can for example be when you need to go for a routine checkup yourself. Your child can have look in our practice and see what a dentist, dental hygienist and assistant do. At the next visit, the dentist will invite the child to sit in the dental chair and ask him or her to have a look at the child’s teeth. After this visit a checkup every 6 months is sufficient. The dentist can assist your child in developing healthy teeth and treat your child if necessary. The treatment of children up to 18 years old is covered by your basic insurance and does not diminish your deductibles.

Special prevention program

Aemstelgroep has a focus on preventing complications with children like no other. Prevention is key at all our practices. The better the teeth are cared for at a young age, the smaller the chance that (extensive) treatment is needed at a later point in life. It is proven that children at a certain age are not susceptible to instructions from parents and barely motivated to take care of their own teeth. Within our special prevention program, Aemstelgroep offers the possibility to guide this group of youngsters to take better care of their teeth. These treatment plans are often fully covered by a standard insurance policy.

Child dentist

In the event that during a checkup treatment is necessary with a child, the dentist wil take time to discuss this carefully and thoughtfully in a playful manner. If this approach is less successful with your ‘own dentist’, Aemstelgroep also has a specialised child dentist working at our Bankras location on Mondays and Wednesdays. She is specifically trained to make the treatment of your child go as smooth as possible.