What do braces do?

You get braces when your when your teeth are pointing forward, or when teeth and maulers do not fit together. The braces will make sure your teeth will align. This allows you to chew better. Brushing your teeth will also be easier. This keeps your teeth healthy and in good condition. And straight teeth look good as well.

Different braces

There are different kinds of braces. There are metal braces for example, which are attached to your teeth. There are also braces you can take off yourself. Sometimes these involve head gear. These use a band around the back of your head or neck. You might need to wear braces day and night, or only during the night. It all depends on how crooked your teeth are and what is needed to get them aligned. All these factors determine what kind of braces are best for you and when you need to wear them.

Invisible braces

Treatment with “invisible braces” consists of a sequence of practically invisible, detachable aligners. These are thin and transparent plastic sleeves that slide over your teeth. Every next aligner slowly moves your teeth to its designated position. There are different kinds of transparent aligners available. Through our extended experience with invisible braces and aesthetic procedures we are capable to help you find the perfect aligner. To get the optimal result we not only make an apprehensive computer analysis beforehand, but also do intermediate analyses if needed. We will make sure you get the most comfortable treatment and the best result.