Why do I receive a bill from Famed?

We like to focus on what we are good at: dental care. We rather take care of you instead of wasting time on administrative tasks. That is why we have outsourced the invoicing to Famed.

What does this mean for you?

You will receive an invoice from Famed and can easily see what the invoice is for.

If your insurance company will cover some of the treatment, than this can be found on the invoice. How much this is depends on the insurance policy you have. The remaining amount needs to be paid to Famed. Is there no coverage mentioned on the invoice? Than the entire amount needs to be paid to Famed. You can check afterwards if you can receive coverage from your insurance company. Do you have questions about your coverage? Than please contact your insurance company.

Paying your bill

You pay your invoice from Famed in different ways, for example with iDEAL or a digital bank transaction. See all payment methods at

Invoices from Famed need to be payed within 30 days. Do you need a little more time to pay the invoice? Go to or mail/call the Famed support center.

Arrange everything quick and easy online

Op kunt u veel zaken rondom de nota zelf regelen. Zo kunt u de nota inzien, de status van uw nota controleren en een adreswijziging doorvoeren. Nota van Famed biedt u overzicht van uw nota’s en gemak bij uw betalingen.