What do braces do?

You can get braces if your teeth are growing in a forward position or when your teeth and maulers don’t fit together well enough. Braces will make sure that your teeth will move into their correct positions. This could for example help you chew better. Brushing your teeth should also be easier. This means that you can keep your teeth healthy and beautiful during your life. And a smile with straight teeth also just looks good.

Different kinds of braces

There are several kinds of braces available. There are brackets, which are attached to your teeth, but there are also braces that you can remove from your mouth. Sometimes this will include headgear. In that case the braces are attached to a neck or head band. It might be necessary to have your braces in day and night, or sometimes, only during the night. It all depends on how crooked the teeth are and what it will take to bring them to their correct position. That finally determines what braces are best for you.