Our practice


Our practices are located at two different venues in Amstelveen. We have had a location in Amstelveen-North since 1985. When the venue on the Amsterdamseweg became too small in 1996, we moved to Laan Rozenburg, realizing a second location in 2003. On the 1st of November 2005 we opened our venue at the Bankras Medical Centre.

You first visit

When you come to Aemstelgroep for the first time, we will kindly ask you to fill in a questionnaire. This will provide us with your personal details, possible special circumstances and medical records. It is very important to have the correct names any medication you might be taking. All information will handled in accordance with Dutch privacy laws.

During the first consultation we will go through the questionnaire and conduct a thorough inspection of your teeth. This also includes an x-ray exam. In some cases dental imprints or a periodontal exam might be necessary. After this consultation we will assemble a treatment plan. In case of a more extensive treatment we will provide you with estimated treatment costs and a time frame.


Prevention is a key issue in our practice. That’s why it’s important to have your teeth checked regularly, so problems are to be detected in an early stage.
In most cases we consider two visits a year sufficient, but in consult with a patient this period can be longer or shorter depending on the personal circumstances. In general visiting the practice less than once a year is considered irresponsible. We remind patients of their appointments by letter.